Fullstack developer at your service

I'm good at many things, but below you'll see my top skills in full stack development


Next.js / React

Next.js / React is a powerful combination of technologies that allows developing fast and elegant web applications.

By using server-side rendered javascript, I can build scalable websites that load quickly and provide an incredible user experience. With Next.js / React, I can help you build your next successful solution and impress your customers with a fast and elegant website.



I'm crazy about Laravel because it's a powerful solution for developing advanced web applications. I focus on creating scalable solutions with a solid structure that can grow in step with your business and handle future challenges in an efficient way.

If you have an idea for a SaaS platform, marketplace, or a platform to power your business, I'm ready to help you realize it.



WordPress may be a system that some love to hate, but the fact is that it is the world's largest CMS, powering a whopping 37% of the world's websites. It's a user-friendly system that most webmasters can handle.

If you want to make your frontend even better, you can integrate technologies like React or Vue. If you want a state-of-the-art platform, you should consider going headless and using WordPress as a CMS and not for front-end development.



Shopify is the perfect system for building a webshop and I specialize in developing custom Shopify themes tailored to your needs.

With the Storefront API, I can also develop Headless Shopify solutions, which are the ideal choice if you want to be part of the latest technologies and have a state-of-the-art and well-oiled webshop.


WooCommerce is one of the leading e-commerce platforms on the market and a great choice for shops with any number of products - from 10 to 100,000 and more. With WooCommerce, there are virtually no limits to what you can create.


React Native

React Native is a powerful technology that allows developing iOS and Android apps using javascript. This means that I can develop apps from simple to more complex apps, depending on your needs.

I'm ready to help build the app you need, whether it's for business or personal use. With React Native, I can deliver an app with exceptional performance and a great user experience that can engage your users and impress your customers.


My approach to SEO

As an SEO Specialist, my approach to SEO involves conducting comprehensive market research, competitor analysis, and keyword analysis. I then optimize the technical SEO and implement the findings from my research to help you dominate Google for the right keywords. Additionally, I focus on creating a link building strategy and identifying potential partners to increase your visibility on Google.


Other technologies I work with

PHP, Vue, Nuxt, TailwindCSS, jQuery, Typescript, Node.js, Flutter, Docker, Git, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, AWS, GCP, DigitalOcean, Linux, Nginx, Apache, Varnish

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